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My name is Lové Roisten , I  am founder and CEO of Stressed Desserts. 2020 graduate of Johnson and Wales  University with a major in Baking and Pasty and minor in Food Science. Baking is my passion from a young age I knew I loved being in the kitchen. The joy people experience while eating desserts was something I wanted to provide. Thats why I strived in making Stessed Desserts a company sole based on customer satisfaction. By providing desserts without limitations Stressed Desserts can cater to all needs. Being someone who is lactose and allergic to gluten it was hard for me to enjoy many treats growing up my goal is to provide treats for those with and without allergies. With many ingredients anyone can enjoy a dessert from gluten free , keto friendly and just your basic chocolate cake. I dedicated my studies to specialize in crafting desserts for every persons special needs.

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